Steam Search Now Allows Users to Search for Franchises, Developers, Genres or Categories Directly

A behind-the-scenes update made to the Steam search feature now allows users to get more in-depth or vague with their searches.

Valve has released a new behind-the-scenes update to its Steam storefront, this time around focusing on improving its search capabilities. As part of the update, players can now search for things besides game titles directly, such as tags, categories, developers, publishers, and franchises.

Examples provided by Steam including being able to search directly for Star Wars or Final Fantasy rather than having to write out individual game names. Players can also look for Bethesda, or across categories like free to play, and tags like survival or zombies.

According to a post detailing the update, the search funciton now also has better support to mitigate typing mistakes that users might make. The example provided in the post shows a search for “hgwart” successfully providing results for Hogwarts Legacy.

Valve has been working at improving Steam’s general feature set for quite a while. Another recent update from last month saw the Steam PC client get an overhaul to its in-game overlay, bringing many new features and further refinements to the client’s user experience.