Destiny 2: Season of the Deep – New Strand Aspects Detailed

Create Strand decoys with the Threadrunner, unleash Unraveling projectiles as the Berserker, or turn the Broodweaver’s Tangles into heat-seekers.

Along with Season of the Deep’s first key art and price increases for Season Passes, Bungie also spoke about the new Strand Aspects coming to Destiny 2: Lightfall. Available when the new season launches on May 23rd, they’re accessible from the Pouka Pond after the new pursuit is complete.

The new Aspects are Threaded Specter (Threadrunner), Flechette Storm (Berserker) and The Wanderer (Broodweaver). Threaded Specter creates a Strand decoy when Hunters use their Class ability, which aggroes nearby enemies. Once it’s taken enough damage, or when enemies are close, it explodes and releases two Threadlings.

Flechette Storm activates when Titans use a charged melee while sliding. They’ll leap up and knock away enemies for damage. Activate the charged melee again mid-air and unleashes Unraveling projectiles. If you have multiple melee charges, you can press them for more projectiles.

Finally, The Wanderer turns Tangles into, well, Wanderers. Throwing these will see them seek out enemies, explode and Suspend them and nearby targets. Anything that creates Tangles will also allow for Threadling final blows.

The new Aspects are just some of the changes coming in Season of the Deep, so stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.