Quantum Error Will Launch with a New Game Plus Mode

TeamKill Media confirms its upcoming cosmic horror first person shooter will feature a New Game Plus option at launch.

Announced back in 2020, Quantum Error is a game we’ve been hearing about for a while now, and though updates have been less frequent in recent months, of late, developer TeamKill Media has started revealing some new details on the cosmic horror first person shooter and what players should expect from it when it launches.

For instance, taking recently to Twitter, the developer confirmed that Quantum Error will have a New Game Plus mode at launch, which means players will be able to carry over their in-game progress from a completed save into a new one. Of course, the specifics of the mode are yet to be nailed down, so hopefully the developer will reveal more in the near future.

Recently, TeamKill Media also confirmed that Quantum Error will feature a third person option as well.

Quantum Error is in development for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PS4. It doesn’t yet have a release date