The highly-anticipated fighting game is out on June 2nd for Xbox Series X/S, PS5, PC and PS4, and features 18 fighters at launch.​

In addition to dropping a new gameplay trailer for Street Fighter 6, revealing Zangief, Cammy and Lily, Capcom also provided details on their mechanics. There are also some stunning new screenshots courtesy of the PlayStation Blog.

First up is Zangief, a veteran that’s been around since Street Fighter 2. He’s still a grappler and will casually destroy opponents with Screw Piledrivers and the Siberian Express. This time, he has a new move called Tundra Storm to counter a grounded kick into a throw. His Cyclone Lariat V-Trigger 1 also returns as his Level 2 Super Art, while his Level 3 Super Art, Bolshoi Storm Buster, is even more devastating.

Lily is a descendant of the Thunderfoot tribe, which T. Hawk is a part of. Using two war clubs, she can use moves like Condor Dive, Condor Spire and Tomahawk Buster to close the distance. Condor Wind is a special move which provides a Windclad stock and improves her previous moves. Her Level 1 Super Art is Breezing Hawk, a spinning attack, while Level 3 is Raging Typhoon, which sees her spinning and slamming a foe twice.

Finally, there’s Cammy, another veteran who works for Delta Red, the British Special Forces unit. Spiral Arrow, Cannon Spike and Hooligan Combination return, and their Heavy versions can be delayed, altering their damage. Hooligan Combination also opens up “more opportunities,” but further details are pending.

Her Level 2 Super Art is Killer Bee Spin, a chokehold, while Level 3 is Delta Red Assault, a series of quick attacks. Street Fighter 6 launches on June 2nd for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC and features a launch roster of 18 characters.