Everspace 2 Gets Accolades Trailer Celebrating Over 300,000 Copies Sold

Check out the critical acclaim for Everspace 2 in its latest accolades trailer.

Publisher and developer Rockfish Games has released a new trailer for its recent space-based action game Everspace 2. The trailer celebrates a month of the game’s release, boasting over 300,000 copies sold, and features excerpts from several positive reviews it has gotten. Check out the accolades trailer below.

Everspace 2 was released on PC after having spent two years as an Early Access title. The game launched with several star systems, spaceships, quests, and story missions, many of which were avialable before its 1.0 release. While it is currently only available on PC, the game is also slated to come to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S this summer.

The space-based action game is also slated to see a free content update released in the second half of the year, as well as a major expansion slated for launch in 2024. For more details about Everspace 2, check out our review. If you’re already enjoying your time with the game, check out our guides on the best hero and companion perks, or all challenges and how you can complete them.