Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2023 Announced for June 1

Meta has announced a VR gaming showcase, slated to be livestreamed on June 1.

Meta, the company behind the Meta Quest line of VR headsets, has announced that it will be hosting a gaming showcase. Slated for June 1 at 10am PT/1pm ET, the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2023 will feature a pre-show with additional trailers, along with a main show that will go deeper into showing off what we can expect next from Meta headsets in terms of both hardware and software.

The Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2023 will be livestreamed on various platforms, including the official MetaQuestVR channels on YouTube, Twitch, and the MetaQuestVR Facebook account. Aside from the time and date, however, Meta hasn’t revealed further details, such as what studios we can expect to see at the event and whether it will be unveiling new VR hardware.

While the Meta Quest 2 VR headset has been quite successful for Meta, back in January it officially announced the end of support for its original Meta Quest headset. While support for the original standalone VR headset has ended in terms of getting new features, Meta has stated that the headset will continue to get security updates until 2024.