Battlefield 2042 Vault Weapons Getting Universal Weapon Skins, Attachments in Patch 5.0 and Future Updates

DICE has launched its latest Inside Battlefield podcast (episode #9), and in this one, the studio talked about Battlefield 2042 Vault Weapons and had some good news to share about it.

Universal weapon skins coming to all vault weapons with patch 5.0
A select amount of AOW attachments coming to vault weapons, Starting off with AR’s and the GOL sniper, more following in 5.1/5.2
Extended mag will be coming (AEK with 40 bullets?)
G57 burst gets nerfed
RM68 gets adjustments
S5 weapon has ”50 in its name” and a returning weapon
Note that patch 5.0 is for the big Season 5 patch, which currently has no release date. Speaking of Season 5, while there are no patch notes for it yet, DICE has given everyone a sneak peek at some of the quality-of-life (QoL) changes incoming with the new season.