Dead Cells – Clean Cut Update is Out Now for PC, Adds New Weapons and Speedrun Mode

You can also fully customize opponents in Boss Rush and add Return to Castlevania’s bosses while fighting their enhanced versions.

In the wake of Return to Castlevania, Motion Twin and Evil Empire have released the latest update for rogue-lite side-scrolling Dead Cells. Clean Cut adds two new weapons, reveals The Tailor’s daughter, who specializes in hairstyles, and more. The update is live on PC and later for for consoles.

The new weapons are the Sewing Scissors, a Survival weapon where killing one enemy will instantly kill all the others, and the Giant Comb, a Brutality-focused weapon which launches enemies and deals critical damage while they’re in the air. The Beheaded can now have the “Bobby” head on all skins, adding much more flair to their approach.

Other new additions include Speedrun Mode to track the time of each run and a DIY option for Boss Rush, letting you choose the exact bosses to fight. You can also face Return to Castlevania’s bosses in Boss Rush, including enhanced versions with new abilities. This is all in addition to balance changes and reworks for Mutations like Combo and Disengagement. Check out some of the patch notes below.

Clean Cut

Update 34.0: 2023-04-17 (ed00760a)

Important features

New Survival Weapon: Sewing Scissors.

  • Instakills all enemies it hits, as long as at least one of them dies to the weapon’s standard damage.

New Brutality Weapon: Giant Comb.

  • Throws your enemies upwards, and deals critical damage to airborne mobs!

New NPC: Tailor’s Daughter.

  • Find her in the Tailor’s Room, and talk to her to freely change the look of your head.

New Speedrun Mode option.

  • Activate it to track and display the completion time of each biome. Also tracks your previous bests and compares them!

New Boss Rush DIY Mode, that lets you choose whichever bosses you want to face in a run.

  • The 3 Bosses from Return to Castlevania are now accessible in Boss Rush.
  • Lots of rework on the Training Room! We added a bunch of options to streamline the experimentation process, such as:
    – New UIs to spawn a specific weapon with a set Level, Quality and Legendary-ness.
    – New UI to choose a certain number of scrolls
    – New UI to choose the overall scaling level of the Training Room, based on the values of a selected biome.
    – Added the mini-bosses to the mob spawners
    – Added a bunch of different traps to the mob rooms.
    – Added the Return to Castlevania Bosses.
    – Bosses aren’t scaled down to level 1 anymore! (no more 20 minutes fights)
    – Changed the UI to select mobs to a grid-based one.
    – Added a Training Dummy for DPS calculation.


  • Slow effects now stack up to 5 times. Each stack has a greater slowing effect, then the affected enemy is frozen at the fifth stack.

Bunch of Mutation Reworks:

  • Combo: Enable a damage increase with every melee hit in a 2.5 sec window (of course the window refreshes after every hit). It scales exponentially, go crazy with it!
  • Tainted Flask: Can recharge even if your flask is not totally empty. It also adds 1 more elite into every biome when equipped.
  • Networking: Marks enemies with ranged attacks now, there doesn’t need to be an actual projectile stuck in the mob’s body anymore.
  • Berserker: Can now stack, and renders you immune to stuns.
  • What Doesn’t Kill You: Now grants recovery instead of healing.
  • Necromancy: Also now grants recovery instead of healing. It scales with the max health of the mobs you kill, which means you can get more recovery by killing a stronger enemy. The cap has been removed, but it’s less effective as you get closer to max health.
  • Frostbite: Now stacks with slow effects and acts as a full stack on frozen targets.
  • Dead Inside: Doubles your life but prevents ALL healing sources.
  • Disengagement: No more cooldown!.. but can only trigger once per biome.