Asus ROG Ally Will Launch with $599 and $699 Models – Rumour

Another new leak has claimed that the upcoming ASUS ROG Ally will launch with two models that will be priced around the same range as the Steam Deck

Earlier this month, Asus revealed a Steam Deck competitor in the form of its own handheld gaming PC with the Asus ROG Ally, and confirmed last week that the portable device would be out on May 11. Details on what the device’s price will be haven’t yet been officially unveiled, but according to a recent leak, it might not be too far off from what the Steam Deck currently costs.

As per known leaker SnoopyTech on Twitter, the Asus ROG Ally will launch with two models- one with an AMD Z1 Extreme chip and 512 GB of storage, which will cost $699.99, and one with a regular AMD Z1 chip and 256 GB of storage, which will cost $599.99. Both models will allegedly come with a 16 GB LPDDR5 RAM and an NVMe M.2 SSD.

That’s quite similar to the pricing that Valve currently offers with the Steam Deck, with a 512 GB model that is priced at $649.99, and a 256 GB model that is priced at $529.99. However, a 64GB eMMC model of the Steam Deck is also available at $399.99- it remains to be seen whether Asus has something similar planned for its device as well.

Either way, given that Asus ROG Rally is launching in under two weeks, it shouldn’t be long before details on this front get officially revealed.