Nintendo Job Listing Mentions Next-Gen Hardware and Cross-Gen Development

A Nintendo European Research and Development (NERD) job listing has mentioned next-gen hardware.

The Switch is still going strong with over 122.55 million units sold as of the end of last year, and it seems like Nintendo is expecting the system to continue selling well for at least another year, but even so, over six years into its life, questions about when its successor might arrive are being asked with increasing frequency.

Reports have suggested time and again that work on the Switch 2 (or whatever Nintendo ends up calling it) is underway, and it seems more evidence has also emerged courtesy of a recent job listing.

Spotted over on Reddit, a listing for the position of Game Technologies R&D Engineer at Nintendo European Research and Development (NERD) mentions “technologies related to game development” for “both current and next generation Nintendo platforms”. Interestingly, cross-gen development is also mentioned.

It’s worth noting that NERD has typically been responsible for Nintendo’s efforts in emulating legacy titles, which, combined with the mention of cross-gen development, seems more significant in light of recent reports that the Switch successor could also feature Nintendo Switch Online. Previously, Nintendo has also confirmed that its next platform is likely to integrate the Nintendo Accounts ecosystem. That said, there are still question marks over whether or not the Switch successor will support backward compatibility.