Halo Infinite Leak Details Upcoming Maps, Modes, Features, and More – Rumor

It looks like 343 Industries could have significant plans in place for upcoming Halo Infinite multiplayer content.

343 Industries has seen plenty of upheaval of late, having been affected by Microsoft’s mass layoffs earlier this year , not to mention a string of departures in leadership positions, including the likes of head of creative Joseph Staten , Halo franchise director Frank O’Connor , and the studio’s founder and head Bonnie Ross .

Questions have naturally been asked about what future support is going to look like for Halo Infinite in light of all the issues at the studio behind the scenes, but as per a new leak, it seems like 343 Industries has quite a bit planned for Halo Infinite’s multiplayer in terms of upcoming content.

Known leaker @BathrobeSpartan recently took to Twitter and shared alleged details on upcoming content for Halo Infinite , which apparently includes 15 new Arena maps, four Big Team Battle maps, two Forge canvases, various new PvP and PvE mode (with the latter also including fan -favorite Firefight mode), and several new weapons, vehicles, and equipment pieces. This is on top of plenty of new upcoming features (like improved progression) and events.

Of course, what hasn’t been mentioned in concrete terms is across how many seasons 343 Industries will release this content, and what the density of new additions in upcoming seasonal updates will be.

Halo Infinite also has a battle royale offshoot in the works at Certain Affinity under the codename Tatanka , though according to reports earlier this year, 343 Industries isn’t currently working on any new single player Halo content . Additionally, all future titles in the series will allegedly be built on Unreal Engine .