Cities: Skylines’ Final Expansion is Hotels and Retreats, Out on May 23

The final expansion for Cities: Skylines will focus on allowing players to build expansive tourist attractions.

Developer Colossal Order and publisher Paradox Interactive have announced final expansion for city-building game Cities: Skylines. Slated for release on May 23, the final expansion will be Hotels and Retreats which, as its name might imply, will focus on tourist attractions. Check out the trailer below.

Hotels and Retreats will be smaller than the typical Cities: Skylines expansion, allowing you to build up tourist hubs by starting out small with hotel chains, and ultimately unlocking more luxurious buildings and tourist attractions.

The expansion is also bringing with it five new maps, with three of them being based around Europe, one based in a tropical region, and one based in a temperate region. Players will be able to build up their tourist hubs in whatever way they might want depending on the regions they decide to focus on.

Colossal Order has also been working on Cities: Skylines 2, and has recently called the sequel its most ambitious project to date.