Front Mission 2: Remake Receives New Story Trailer

Storm Trident’s remake of 1997’s Front Mission Second is out on June 12th for Nintendo Switch, costing $34.99 with new features.

Forever Entertainment has released a new trailer for Front Mission 2: Remake, which is out on June 12th for Nintendo Switch for $34.99. It showcases the overhauled visuals, wanzer combat and some story elements. Check it out below.

Set 12 years after the first game in Aldoresh, a coup de tat by the Armed Forces has begun. Three members of the Oceania Cooperative Union – Ash Faruk, Thomas Norland and Lis Stanley – are the focus. The first two attempt to flee with their wanzer units while Stanley arrives to help free prisoners of war.

In addition to the classic turn-based combat, the remake sports a free camera for zooming in. There are also new options for coloring and camouflaging wanzers, a revamped soundtrack, and support for additional languages. Since Front Mission Second never launched outside of PlayStation in Japan, the remake should be a good way for fans to experience the classic.

Stay tuned for more details and gameplay en route to its release.