The open-world rogue-lite sees players as a Vessel for the Raven, exploring the world of Avalt and gaining power to defeat The Betrayer.​

Systemic Reaction’s Ravenbound will release on March 30th. The open-world rogue-lite will be available exclusively on PC for $30. Check out the release date trailer below.

Set in the fantasy realm of Avalt, the story centers on the Vessel for a powerful Raven. You must traverse the world, battling enemies like Trolls, Draugr and Hudras to become stronger. There are five regions to choose from, and defeating bosses in three will unlock the sixth door to The Betrayer, the final boss.

Locations change with each playthrough, and as players clear out camps and complete trials, they’ll receive more powerful gear, relics and weapons through cards. More cards are unlocked with each new life, as new Vessels have unique skills and starting weapons a la Rogue Legacy.

Ravenbound also has a live element, though no details have been revealed yet.