The Division 2 – Year 5 Season 1 Starts in Early June, Descent Mode Receives New Trailer

Year 5 content includes a multi-season rebuild of the Castle, a new Incursion, returning to New York, new story DLC and Seasons 2.0.

In its latest Division Day Livestream covering the franchise’s future, Ubisoft revealed what’s next for The Division 2. It confirmed the new mode, The Descent, is a free rogue-lite mode for all players. Set in a simulation, you can tackle it solo or co-op, and it will launch with Year 5 Season 1, which starts in early June. Check out the reveal trailer below.

Touted as “semi-infinite” with randomized progression, it offers competitive leaderboards. You’ll also earn new rewards and access new “build rules,” which aren’t available in the base game. There’s also a story attached to the mode concerning the Hunters, Black Tusk and Ortiz Robotics, specifically their connection to Calvin McManus of Homeland Security.

Other content to look forward to in Year 5 is the Castle Rebuild, which occurs over multiple seasons. In Season 2, a new Incursion is coming, and Season 3 sees players returning to New York. Season 4 adds new story DLC and Seasons 2.0.

In each season, new Manhunts, Events and Leagues will be introduced. There are also some returning cosmetics, including the Leon Kennedy RPD Outfit from the Resident Evil collaboration, which runs from April 25th to May 9th.

PC players can access a test server for the next update on April 21st. Stay tuned for more details on The Descent in the coming weeks.