The Division Heartland Cinematic Intro Revealed, Deep Dive Showcases New Gameplay

A release date wasn’t revealed, but sign-ups are available for the next closed beta test. More news is also coming this Summer.

Ubisoft’s free-to-play survival shooter, The Division Heartland, still doesn’t have a release date yet. However, it did get a new trailer with the cinematic intro, talking about Killian Tower, who disavowed the Division and killed his team. It’s also about the setting, Silver Creek, which has suffered due to the Green Poison virus in different ways.

Throughout the shooter, there are new characters and storylines. As players explore and gather resources during the day, Rogue players and AI attack at night. There are three classes to choose from – Weapons Expert, Survivalist and Medic – with unique properties. Overall, it should look familiar to players of the looter shooters, even if the gameplay loop is different.

Sign-ups for the next phase of closed beta testing are now available, with more news to come this Summer.