Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores is Out Now on PS5

Aloy travels south to the remains of Los Angeles to investigate a new threat, and meets a new companion, a new settlement, and much more.

Burning Shores, the first (and possibly only) paid expansion for Guerrilla Games’ Horizon Forbidden West, is now available. At the request of Sylens, Aloy ventures to the ruins of Los Angeles to investigate a new threat. Check out the launch trailer here.

On top of providing a new story and quests, Aloy gets some new skills, like the ability to grapple on downed Machines for a stylish melee attack. She also encounters new allies, like Seyka of the Quen, who fights alongside Aloy throughout the story. A new settlement, Fleet’s End, is also available with new side quests to clear.

You’ll also discover new Machines, like the Waterwing, which can fly and dive underwater. Aloy also contends with reactivated Horus (aka Metal Devil). Such is the scale of some fights that the PS5’s processing power and memory are mandatory.