Diablo 4 Battle Pass Will Take “Roughly 80 Hours” to Complete, Says Blizzard

This is when factoring in the seasonal journey and other content, though leveling a character to 100 could take “a little longer.”

Blizzard Entertainment has discussed Diablo 4’s end game since the open beta ended, specifically Nightmare Dungeons with modifiers, Paragon Boards and more. However, there’s also the Battle Pass available each season, where players can earn rewards over 100 Tiers.

Leveling up the Battle Pass requires “favor,” obtained by completing objectives in the seasonal journey. While there is a Premium option with various cosmetics (no paying for power), all players can earn XP boosts in the free track. If you’re looking to max out the Battle Pass, it may be either painful or fitting at about 80 hours.

Associate game director Joe Piepiora told PC Gamer, “Right now, the battle pass when you’re figuring in completing the season journey alongside doing other content in the game, you’re looking at roughly 80 hours worth of time invested to complete the entirety of the battle pass. To level a character to level 100 could take a little longer than that based on how you play.”

So if you’re taking a character to max level in a season, you’ll likely have little trouble completing the Battle Pass. However, you can always just leave after finishing the game, especially with “meaty” story updates every three months. “We’re not trying to say the only way to play Diablo 4 is to engage with the endgame and go all the way to level 100 with every character you ever make.”

Of course, if you want those sweet Battle Pass cosmetics, you’ll need to get on the grind. Diablo 4 is out on June 6th for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC. A new Developer Update livestream is coming on April 20th, so stay tuned for more details.