Resident Evil 4 Remake Cheat Sheet for Puzzles Will Help Make Your Life Easier

The Resident Evil franchise is know for not only its scary atmosphere and mutated enemies, but also for the franchise’s elaborate puzzles as well. If you need help in solving Resident Evil 4 remake’s puzzles, here’s a super handy RE4 remake cheat sheet for puzzles that will make solving things a lot easier.

Check out the one-sheet that covers everything from the quest-related treasury swords puzzle, to even optional ones like the cave shrines where you can get valuable treasure to sell as a reward. 

This guide should help aid speedrunners and anyone who doesn’t want to spend a long time figuring out the game’s puzzles. Of course, there are the boss fights and tougher enemies to contend with in the latter stages of the game, but that’s why the “assisted” mode is in the game, right?

If you know anyone that needs this one-sheet, share it and let them know help is but one click away!