Towerborne Still Launching This Year, The Belfry’s Launch Area Detailed

Players can navigate the Counsel Building for quests, visit The Forge to upgrade equipment and practice combos in the Training Hall.

With all the titles showcased during the Xbox Games Showcase earlier this month, the absentees – like Stoic Studio’s Towerborne – were all the more noticeable. Thankfully, the developer has reaffirmed its launch for later this year while game director Daniel McLaren provided new details on The Belfry’s first big area.

As the home base, it’s where you’ll experience the story, upgrade equipment, gather quests and interact with your fellow players. Important areas include the Counsel Building, where you’ll pick up quests, report on your progress, etc. The Ace HQ features some “key quests” that “unlock more of the mysteries of the world.”

The Forge, as expected, is where you can upgrade weapons and gear, while the Training Hall is a place to test out different weapons against some mock enemies. As The Facewright, they’re the perfect place to change your look anytime at no extra cost. Finally, there’s the Overlook, where you can gaze at the world.

While more details are coming later, this will be the initial area available at launch. “We will continue to expand the space as time goes on, and, well, who knows what little mysteries you might be able to discover in the future!” Stoic previously confirmed a seasonal model for post-launch updates, though what content can be expected is unknown. It has discussed seeding environments with new bosses, biomes, modes and so on.

Towerborne is coming to Xbox Series X/S and PC.