Avowed Showcases Combat, Locations, and More in New Trailer

Obsidian Entertainment’s first-person action RPG is due out this year for Xbox Series X/S and PC, but there’s still no release date.

Microsoft has a wealth of major first-party titles lined up for release throughout the second half of 2024, and as expected, the company offered new looks at these upcoming titles at its recent Xbox Games Showcase. Also included in the event was Avowed, Obsidian Entertainment’s long in development first-person fantasy RPG, which received a new trailer.

The trailer showcases several new locations from the Living Lands, the game’s setting, offering further glimpses of its vibrant and colourful aesthetic. The primary focus of the trailer, however, is on the combat, showcasing plenty of weapons, enemies, and more. Beyond that, the trailer makes grand promises of how Avowed will allow players to chart their own journey through the choices they make, which, of course, is something you expect from an Obsidian RPG anyway. Check it out below.

Avowed is due out this Fall for Xbox Series X/S and PC. Intriguingly enough, Microsoft still hasn’t announced a specific release date for the game, though leaks say it’ll launch in November. Reportedly, previews for the game will be arriving on June 10.