Streets of Rogue 2 Early Access Starts August 14th

Matt Dabrowski’s survival sandbox title offers a map over 10,000 times larger than the first game, with many more choices.

Dwarf Fortress and Rimworld are mentioned when discussing sandbox titles with extensive story generation, but the Streets of Rogue series is no different. The sequel, Streets of Rogue 2, launches on August 14th for PC via Steam Early Access and a new trailer is available courtesy of the PC Gaming Show. Check it out below.

The premise involves taking down a corrupt president, and you have complete freedom. Create a zombie pandemic, build a business empire or even bring on some vampires to help you. If you’re keen on just chilling out and living in the world, that’s also possible.

There are dozens of classes and unique characters with different traits, weapons and even vehicles to utilize. It’s wacky, sure, but that ingenuity and immersive sim gameplay is the appeal.

With maps over 10,000 times the size of the first game and featuring a fully destructible environment with cities, caves, islands, and more, Streets of Rogue 2 promises a more expansive experience.