Stormgate Launches in Early Access on August 30

Developer Frost Giant Studios has also revealed new details on the Celestial Armada, another one of Stormgate’s factions.

Fans of real-time strategy games have been starved for years at this point, but Stormgate – which is being developed by former StarCraft developers at indie studio Frost Giant Studios – has been a beacon of hope for genre fans to latch on to. At the recent PC Gaming Show, the developer brought another extensive new showing for the game, revealing plenty of new details.

After introducing another faction – the Celestial Armada – with a new trailer, Frost Giant Studios revealed further details on the game in an interview video with several members of the development team, talking about the studio’s plans and hopes with its early access launch, the game’s core gameplay foundation, and more. According to Frost Giant, Stormgate is very much being designed as a Blizzard-style RTS, while emphasis is also being placed on high-speed gameplay with little to no downtime.

Meanwhile, Frost Giant Studios has also announced that Stormgate will launch in early access for PC on August 30. Though it’s free-to-play, players can also pre-purchase a bundle that will give you access to he game a month ahead of its early access release, on July 30.