Terra Nil Receives Accolades Trailer Highlighting Critical Praise

The reverse city builder is about creating an ecosystem, cleansing the oceans, planting trees, and much more with recyclable machines.

Free Lives’ Terra Nil launched last week for PC and mobiles via Netflix, earning strong critical acclaim for its atmosphere and environment-friendly message. Publisher Devolver Digital has since released an accolades trailer highlighting the praise. Check it out below.

Described as a “reverse city builder,” Terra Nil tasks you with transforming a dilapidated wasteland into a vibrant environment. The terrain is randomized, as you work around mountains, rivers and oceans, clearing out the dirty water, planting forests and even attracting wildlife. You’ll use different machines to achieve this purpose, balancing the function of each with the needs of the environment.

Of course, once the ecosystem is restored, you can recycle those machines and return to nature, as it were. Appreciate Mode is then used to, well, appreciate your work and the beauty of nature as a whole.

While not an overly long or complex game, Terra Nil does offer a relaxing presentation with gorgeous hand-painted landscapes and calm music. It also doesn’t hurt that 8 percent of the profits from sales go towards the Endangered Wildlife Trust.