Diablo 4 Endgame Video Discusses Capstone Dungeons, Paragon Boards, and More

Learn more about the activities available after completing the campaign, from Nightmare Dungeons to the Tree of Whispers.

Blizzard Entertainment promised more details on Diablo 4’s progression and endgame in a new Developer Update livestream this month. However, it seems that information has come sooner than expected in a new video. The team goes over all the activities in the endgame, starting with Capstone Dungeons.

As the name indicates, they unlock the first Capstone Passive for a character. They also advance to the next World Tier, providing access to tougher challenges and more powerful loot. The Paragon system returns with Paragon Boards, where you spend points to chart a path for bonuses. You can also rotate the boards for specific stats, Runestones and Glyphs.

The Codex of Power keeps track of your Aspects. These are tools obtained from Dungeons to upgrade Rares into Legendaries and bestow a unique modifier. Nightmare Dungeons, as previously discussed, allow for modifying a regular Dungeon with Sigils to increase the difficulty. One such affix is Hellgate, where enemies from other regions emerge from portals. You can turn all +120 Dungeons into Nightmare Dungeons with a Sigil.

In the Overworld, Helltide Areas have more difficult monsters that grant shards to purchase rewards from caches. Meteors also fall from the sky, giving it that chaotic feel. There’s also the Tree of Whispers, which gives bounties. Complete these, gather items, and bring them to the tree for a choice of rewards.

Finally, there’s PvP in the Fields of Hatred, where players must gather shards and purify them to obtain cosmetic items and loot. Other players will try and stop you, causing shards to be lost. If that weren’t enough, another World Boss is teased at the end.

Diablo 4 is out on June 6th for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC.