Genshin Impact – Version 3.6 Releases on April 12th, Adds New Area and Characters

The Akademiya Extravaganza also kicks off with multiple mini-games and a new Hangout Quest starring Layla. A new weekly boss is also coming.

miHoYo Games has announced that Genshin Impact’s next major update will arrive on April 12th. Version 3.6, “A Parade of Providence,” marks the inaugural Akademiya Extravaganza with two events. It also adds a new area and two new characters – Kaveh and Baizhu. Check out the first trailer below.

The first event is the Wisdom Gala, which offers six different mini-games based on the research of different Darshans. For instance, you’ll create constellations with an astrolabe, which ties into Layla’s studies. Speaking of which, her Hangout Quest is also available in this update.

The new region was noted as “damaged by Gray Crystals and corruptive Purple Mists.” In addition to Pari, that helps the Traveler fly, Apep, the “Dragon of Verdure”, emerges as a new weekly boss in the new Trounce Domain. Other threats include the Anemo and Hydro Hilichurl Rogues.

As for the new characters, Kaveh is a four-star character with a Dendro Vision that uses a Claymore. He can activate and detonate Dendro Cores on the field, which increases his elemental damage. Baizhu is a five-star Dendro user who relies on a Catalyst. His specialty is a shield that heals his teammates. Stay tuned for more details on their respective skills in the coming week.