Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Update Nerfs First Boss, Increases Drop Rate for Rare Items

Zhang Liang should now be less of a threat, and higher rarity items from enemies with higher Morale Ranks should drop more often.

A new update is live for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is now available, offering even more changes. It finally nerfs the first boss of the game, Zhang Liang in the Village of Calamity, decreasing his first form’s maximum HP. Camera movement, Liang’s AI and even the type of damage dealt has been “adjusted.” A tutorial is also available to ease players in.

Another change is the drop rates for high-rarity items. Whether defeating bosses in Main Battlefields and Sub Battlefields or schooling invading players, you’ll have an increased chance for a higher rarity item. Treasure chests with equipment will also provide random loot when opened subsequent times. They can also give upgrades and higher rarity gear in New Game Plus.

If that weren’t enough, higher rarity items have a greater chance to drop when defeating enemies with higher Morale Ranks than the player.

Update Ver1.05

All Platforms

Additional Features

  • Added the settings options to automatically switch locked-on targets upon successfully deflecting or deflecting in response to Critical Blows.
  • Note: Players can enable these options in the Game Settings by selecting Switch Locked-on Target after Deflecting and Switch Locked-on Target after Deflecting a Critical Blow.
  • Added the settings option to switch the locked-on target to the nearest enemy by pressing down the right stick.
  • Note: Players can enable this option in the Game Settings by selecting Switch Locked-on Target to Nearest Enemy.
  • Added options to set the rotation and tracking speed for the lock-on camera.
  • Note: These options have been added to the Lock-on Camera page in the Camera Settings.
  • Added the option to enable/disable inertial movement when rotating the camera.
  • Note: This option has been added to the Normal Camera page in the Camera Settings.
  • Modified the Reinforcements menu to show warriors who have sworn oaths with the player but are not currently available as companions. Also made it possible to gift Cups of Cordiality.
  • Added an option allowing players to part ways with companions by selecting a current companion in the Reinforcements menu rather than using a Willow Branch.
  • Made changes so that the sort order for the following menus is saved:
    – Equipment, Inventory, Status, Set Wizardry Spells, Battle Set, and all menus available at the Blacksmith
  • Added an interface allowing players to compare equipment in the Equipment menu.
  • Note: Further expansions for the comparison interface, such as support for the Set Bonus list and the Status menu, are slated for subsequent patches.
  • Made changes to the Equipment menu so that players may now check and select equipment set to Favorites.
  • Made changes to the Travel menu which will allow players to check their progress in collecting Shitieshou, Golden Cicada Shells, Tablets, Dragon Vein Essence, and Dragon Vein Crystals via icons.
  • Added check mark icons to completed missions in the Travel menu.
  • Changed some of the designs and the captions for controls to make it easier to distinguish between the Inventory and Storehouse menus at the Blacksmith.
  • Added a dedicated icon that is shown when automatically restocking arrows, projectiles, and consumable items.
  • Added warnings to notify players when their equipment weight ratio exceeds 100%.


  • Made the following adjustments to drop rates:
    – Increased the drop rate of items with high rarities after defeating bosses in main battlefields.
    – Increased the drop rate of items with high rarities after defeating sub battlefield bosses in duels.
    – Increased the drop rate of items with high rarities after defeating other players in Invade sessions.
  • Made adjustments so that items from treasure chests containing equipment will incur random loots (only when opening them for the second time onwards).
  • Note: Starting from the second playthrough, such items, while having higher upgrade levels, are also more likely to be of higher rarities.
  • Made adjustments so that items with higher rarities are more likely to be dropped after the player defeats enemies with higher Morale Ranks than the player’s current Morale Rank.
  • Adjusted the lock-on target selection criteria to avoid prioritizing enemies farther away from the player even when there are other enemies nearby.
  • Improved situations in which the game occasionally failed to automatically switch to a new locked-on target after the player defeated an enemy.
  • Changed the interaction command for Burial Flags to the ↓ arrow key or ↓ on the directional pad.
  • Made some adjustments to the level of difficulty for the battle against Zhang Liang in the main battlefield “Village of Calamity,” including the following:
    – Decreased the maximum HP of his first form
    – Adjusted each type of damage
    – Adjusted the AI
    – Adjusted camera movement during airborne attacks
  • Added a tutorial to the battle against Zhang Liang in the main battlefield “Village of Calamity.”
  • Made adjustments so that Divine Beast attacks are affected by the player’s Morale Rank.
  • Adjusted the amount of damage dealt by each Divine Beast, taking into account the effect of the player’s Morale Rank.
  • Extended the duration of invincibility after performing Fatal Strikes or deflect in response to Critical Blows, as the effects of invincibility wore off before players regained control.
  • Made changes to Photograph mode so that the direction of camera movement and rotation is now based on the player’s view when tilting the camera.
  • Made changes so that Revenge is not overwritten when players are defeated by the target of Revenge and are awaiting aid during multiplayer sessions.
  • Note: This change will prevent the loss of Genuine Qi when awaiting aid or when given aid repeatedly after being defeated by the same enemy.