Citizen Sleeper is Out Now for PS4 and PS5

Episode: PURGE is also available free on all platforms, and concludes the DLC trilogy. A new narrative, characters, locations and more await.

The acclaimed sci-fi role-playing game Citizen Sleeper is now available for PS4 and PS5. Developed by Jump Over the Age, it features a rogue Sleeper, an artificial body with a human consciousness, trying to survive on Erlin’s Eye.

As said Sleeper, your choices define your path. Go into hard labor and learn more about the systems powering the station. Encounter different characters, from captains and mercenaries to food cart vendors and a sentient vending machine, perhaps even meeting the mysterious entity beyond the veil. There are various endings to unlock, and a quick dice roll can make the difference between survival and success.

It’s also worth noting that Citizen Sleeper’s third free DLC, Episode: PURGE, is also out on all platforms. It concludes the late-game episodic trilogy with new and returning characters, locations and lore. Check out the trailer below for more details on the episodes, and stay tuned for more updates.