Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Season 1 is Live, Faces Backlash for Lackluster Story Content

Players must also grind the same missions to unlock The Joker, though there’s also an option to pay $10 for instant access.

Season 1 of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is live, bringing The Joker as the first new playable character. It also offers new Notorious and Infamy sets, cosmetics and weapons. Check out the motion comic-style trailer below, which outlines The Joker’s origins and how he ended up with a prosthetic leg.

Unfortunately, it seems that’s some of the only new story content that players have received. There are no new mission types, and players must unlock The Joker by replaying many of the same old mission types and rising through some new Fear ranks. It also doesn’t help that the new boss is another reskin of an existing boss from the base game.

Though some claim that the grind to unlock The Joker isn’t too bad, Rocksteady Studios allows players instant access if they pay $10, which has drawn criticism. Given that this is only the first half of Season 1, perhaps new story content is coming in the second half.