Braid: Anniversary Edition Features 35 New Levels, Says Creator

Jonathan Blow initially thought there would be no new levels, then “figured out a way” to add “four or five” before things got out of hand.

Four years after its initial announcement, Braid: Anniversary Edition is finally launching on April 30th for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, PC and Netflix. Whether you enjoyed the original or are jumping in for the first time, it will have a bevvy of new content, with creator Jonathan Blow confirming 35 new levels on Twitter.

The original plan was for no new levels, which progressed to adding “like four or five, without ruining the original game.” Of course, a bunch of design then “accidentally” happened, and here we are. The levels feature new puzzles, though how many now remains to be seen.

Braid: Anniversary Edition offers gorgeous updated visuals, with improved animations and revamped backgrounds full of detail, alongside revised versions of the soundtrack and reworked sound effects. Fans can also look forward to over 15 hours of developer commentary discussing the design, art style and more.

Players can also switch back and forth between the new and old visuals at any time. Stay tuned for more details ahead of its release next month.