People Can Fly’s Xbox Title is a PvP Shooter – Rumour

The studio announced in June last year that it had partnered with Microsoft to develop a new title in an existing Xbox IP.

In June last year, People Can Fly announced that it had partnered with Microsoft to work on a new game in an existing Xbox IP. Codenamed Project Maverick, the game is being built on a budget of $30-$50 million, though details on what it will actually be have been scant since then.

However, job listings published by the developer seem to give some indication as to what to expect. Specifically, a listing for the position of Senior Level Designer suggests that Project Maverick is going to be a PvP shooter, with the listing mentioning experience with working on shooters and with designing PvP maps under its required qualifications section.

Of course, whether that means the game will be exclusively PvP or if it will feature a PvP component alongside PvE or solo modes remains to be seen. This does raise the question of what IP it is that People Can Fly is working on. The studio has worked on Gears of War in the past with 2013’s Gears of War: Judgment, so is it possible that it’s been entrusted with another game in the series?

People Can Fly has a number of titles currently in development, including a new VR-exclusive IP, a self-published action-adventure game, a new game in partnership with Square Enix, and an alleged RPG shooter in collaboration with PlayStation.

In January, it was reported that the scope for the studio’s Square Enix title had shrunk, leading to over 30 job cuts.