As Dusk Falls on PlayStation Gets 1-Hour Trial for PS Plus Premium Subscribers

PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers can now try out narrative adventure game As Dusk Falls before buying.

A couple of weeks after its release on the PS4 and PS5, narrative adventure game As Dusk Falls now has a free trial available to subscribers of PlayStation Plus Premium. The trial allows players to check out the first hour of the game, and allows players to carry over their progress into the full game.

The PS4 and PS5 release of As Dusk Falls was originally announced back in December. For context, the game had been out on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S since July 2022. The newer PS5 release of the game also makes use of some of the console’s exclusive features, which were explained by developer INTERIOR/NIGHT back in February.

As Dusk Falls takes place a few years after events that take place in 1998 that end up mixing together the lives and fates of two families. The game largely revolves around the fallout and consequences of the choices that were made during the fateful events during a robbery gone wrong in 1998. It features a branching storyline that can be further explored by players by fulfilling specific requirements.

The game also features multiplayer for up to 8 players, making use of console controllers as well as smartphones through a dedicated app. In this way, players can experience the stories of a bunch of different characters in their own unique ways.