Baldur’s Gate 3 Hotfix Addresses Crashes, Fixes Minthara Legacy Dialogue

Hotfixes 20 and 21 are also finally available now for Xbox Series X/S players, fixing any issues with cross-platform saves.

A new hotfix is available for Larian Studios’ Baldur’s Gate 3. It fixes some crashes and issues with Minthara, but more importantly, it also brings hotfix 20 and 21 to Xbox Series X/S players. That means any issues with cross-platform saves should be gone.

As for hotfix 22, it fixes a crash occurring when checking a character’s condition duration when none are set. Some potential internal crashes on Xbox from suspending the title, which caused it to reboot, have also been fixed. Some minor UI fixes include voice chat not overlapping with the mini-map when playing in split-screen and improved messaging when a cross-save sync has failed.

As for Minthara, a legacy dialogue that was unintentionally enabled (and led to ending the relationship with The Dark Urge) has been fixed. A bug that resulted in players getting stuck in combat with enemies in Moonrise Towers under certain sneaky conditions is also fixed.

Check out some of the hotfix notes below and full details here but beware of spoilersBaldur’s Gate 3 is available for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC.

Hotfix #22 Notes


  • Fixed a crash caused by the game trying to access the duration of a condition on a character with no conditions set.
  • Fixed conditions sometimes trying to get their duration from the source entity instead of the target entity.
  • Fixed some potential internal crashes on Xbox when suspending the game (e.g. when suspending the console or loading another game), causing it to reboot when you went back to it.


  • Improved the messaging for syncing and cross-saving by indicating when a cross-save sync has failed and adding an option to try again. Also prevented the saving and cross-saving messages from appearing for secondary local players.
  • Voice chat will no longer overlap the minimap on split-screen.
  • Fixed the ‘Another Player Is Joining’ pop-up not triggering while the host has a panel open on Xbox, potentially preventing the client from joining.


  • Made Minthara promise to stop repeating her thoughts about Gale in Act 3.
  • Fixed a bug causing you to get perpetually stuck in a dangerous area if you triggered hostilities in the Emerald Grove and then left while it was still a dangerous area.
  • Fixed a rare issue where dialogues would end suddenly when you went to kiss your romantic partner.