Sea of Stars is Getting a 3-Player Co-op Mode

Single Player+ lets three players team together, moving freely (within space limits) and utilising a new battle mechanic, Co-op Timed Hits.

Sabotage Studio has announced that Sea of Stars, its acclaimed role-playing game inspired by classics from the 90s, is receiving co-op support. It’s called Single Player+ and will support three players who want to play through the story together.

As simple as it looks, players will be untethered and can collect items or explore as they please (or at least as far as the screen’s limits allow). Single Player+ also adds a new Co-op Timed Hits mechanic, which could mean a system that directly caters to each party member nailing their attack timing.

While there’s no release date for the mode, the developer will reveal more “soon,” so stay tuned for further details and updates.

Sea of Stars is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, PC and Nintendo Switch. It’s crossed five million players since launch, up from over four million players in December 2023. Sabotage is also currently working on DLC, though it doesn’t have a release window.