The Outlast Trials Roadmap Revealed, Season 1 Begins This Summer

It looks like the experiments will continue in The Outlast Trials, as Red Barrels studio has revealed the roadmap along with planned release windows, including for the game’s first season.

As revealed on X (formerly Twitter), the current roadmap for The Outlast Trials is below.

The Outlast Trials Roadmap

Toxic Shock will be our first Limited-Time event for all 1.0 players to experience followed by another Classified Event, stay tuned for more info and teasers.
Season 1 will be a major update that will feature a New Trial, a New Prime Asset, a New Rig, and more!
The “Future” category consists of features that will be added later in the year.
As noted in the roadmap, players can expect Season 1 to begin sometime this Summer. But before then, you’ll be able to get your hands on some new in-game events, which are expected to go live soon. Toxic Shock will kick things off with another event following. Both will provide new challenges and earnable rewards.

Beyond that, we have Season 1, which looks loaded with content. We’ll hear more about that as we inch closer to Summer. With that being dubbed Season 1, we can probably safely assume that the future content will also be tied to season releases, though there do seem to be some surprises, such as new planned modes, enemies, and more.

Not a bad first look at what’s to come to The Outlast Trials.

The Outlast Trials is now available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.