Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Patch Unintentionally Adds Debug Menu, Allows for Venom in Free Roam

There are also references to the leaked Blue Beetle DLC. However, Insomniac warns that using the debug menu can corrupt saves.

Insomniac Games finally released its long-awaited patch for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, adding New Game Plus, Mission Replay, new suits and much more. However, it also unintentionally added access to the game’s debug menu. A hotfix is on the way to address this, and the developer warns that using the menu may corrupt your saves and trophy progress.

Fans are taking the risk and discovering all kinds of options like the ability to control Venom in free roam (or young Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson, just for the heck of it). References to Blue Beetle are included, lining up with the three free DLCs leaked via documents from a ransomware attack on the studio.

The first is reportedly called Beetle Infestation and planned to launch in Q4 of fiscal year 23/24, meaning sometime between January and March. Given the delay of the New Game Plus patch, it’s likely that the DLC is coming slightly later as well.

You can also enable invincibility and instantly unlock the latest Trophy for completing a New Game Plus playthrough. Time will tell if other discoveries pop up.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is available for PS5. It’s sold ten million units worldwide as of December 31st, 2023.