Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Will Release This Year – Rumour

It’s been claimed that BioWare is internally confident that the long-awaited action RPG will finally release sometime this year.

As part of its mass layoffs, Electronic Arts is shuttering studios and cancelling projects, though blessedly, there have been parts of the company that have managed to escape the chopping block. BioWare, for instance, is continuing its work on Dragon Age: Dreadwolf and the next Mass Effect game– and the former is allegedly set to release sometime this year itself.

That’s according to journalist Jeff Grubb, who claimed on a recent episode of his Game Mess Decides podcast that the development team at BioWare is internally “pretty confident” that the long-awaited Dragon Age: Dreadwolf will release this year. Grubb says that while that doesn’t mean the release date can’t still slip into 2025, currently, the studio is expecting the RPG to launch this year.

That Dragon Age: Dreadwolf will release sometime in 2024 is something reports have claimed for a while now (including from Grubb himself), while interestingly, back in November, the LinkedIn profile of an EA employee also claimed the same.

In December, BioWare released a teaser trailer showcasing some of the locations players will explore in the game, and confirmed that a full reveal would be coming in Summer of 2024.