Monster Hunter Wilds Won’t be Getting Any New Details at the Series’ Upcoming Anniversary Event

Monster Hunter’s 20th anniversary celebration program is set for March 12, but you shouldn’t expect any updates on its next mainline instalment.

Capcom announced Monster Hunter Wilds in December at The Game Awards, handing the action RPG a 2025 launch window- which, of course, means that it might not quite be time for new details on the game to start emerging just yet. Nonetheless, many had hoped that Capcom would be talking about the next Monster Hunter instalment as part of the series’ upcoming 20th anniversary celebrations- though the company has confirmed that won’t be the case.

Taking to Twitter, Capcom recently announced that it will be livestreaming the Monster Hunter 20th Anniversary Special Program later this month, on March 12, and promptly afterward in a follow-up tweet, instantly squashed hopes for new information on Monster Hunter Wilds, saying, “This special program will not feature new game announcements or news on Monster Hunter Wilds.”

Well, there you go. At least fans can keep their expectations in check now, if nothing else. At the time of the game’s announcement, Capcom stated that more details would be revealed in Summer 2024, so we have a bit of a wait ahead of us.

Monster Hunter Wilds is due out sometime next year for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, with leaks claiming that it’ll also come to the rumoured Nintendo Switch 2. Capcom recently also announced a remaster of the original Monster Hunter Stories, which will launch this Summer for Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC.