Remnant 2 Crossplay is Now Live on All Platforms

The long-awaited feature arrives with a new Aberration Domination event and the option to craft Corrupted versions of five weapons.

Gunfire Games’ Remnant 2 has finally received cross-platform multiplayer support. It allows those on Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC to party together and take on the Root (and various other horrors).

In a press release, Gunfire Games president and game director David Abams said, “Cross-play has been one of the most player-requested features for Remnant 2, and our community has been so awesome waiting patiently for this feature to roll out. We’re so excited to launch this update today as the team has been working hard to make it a reality.”

Adams also confirmed that more content for the game is incoming, including the second paid story DLC.

In the meantime, players can participate in the Aberration Domination event, available till March 5th. It sees multiple Aberrations spawning in every world, which drop Corrupted Shards for crafting alternate versions of well-known weapons. These include Savior, Twisted Arbalest, Cube Gun, Nebula and Sorrow. It’s a good time for new players to jump in and earn these weapons, potentially gaining a leg up on other content in the game.