Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Upcoming Changes, Current Meta and More Discussed by Devs

With another patch released this previous week for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, the studio didn’t bring all the mentioned changes pertaining to Boom and Affliction Immunity. It seems that’s set to be part of the next patch for the game, as Rocksteady talks about the Suicide Squad: KTJL upcoming changes, meta and more.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Upcoming Changes and Meta:
According to Rocksteady, following a positive response, they are making the changes to Boom and Affliction Immunity in an upcoming patch.

Affliction Immunity – Will now cancel on any damage taken.

Boom – Won’t trigger Suicide Strikes and Shield Harvesting kills.

The devs also mentioned how they are looking to increase the amount of damage that Counter shots deal to Brainiac in the Mayhem mission, as this will allow players to consistently deal more damage to Brainiac in this encounter while keeping the challenging and intensity high,

Killing Time is also another thing that will get a change soon. Expect a change for it in Episode One that will keep “the mission contained to a more concentrated area, resulting in a more intense battle.”

Current Meta:

Meta, which stands for “Most Effective Tactics Available,” has also been discussed by the devs. Rocksteady is said to be keeping a close eye on Mastery level balancing, and after the fix to the Burn status effect, the studio has seen some interesting builds emerge that are allowing players to reach higher Mastery levels. With the release of the game’s first season, Rocksteady is increasing the number of Incursion missions from three to six, and gamers will only need to play three of the six missions to increase your unlocked Mastery levels.

The three additional Incursion missions are what the studio calls “Combat Incursions,” and these are “unique and intense combat encounters” that give players more freedom to experiment and explore the best way to finish a mission.

No word yet on when this new patch will drop, but we do know that Season One will be kicked off this March, with the first new playable character to be the Joker!

In other Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League news, Warner Bros. has confirmed the game has fallen short of expectations.