Last Epoch Crosses 234,000 Peak Concurrent Players on Steam

The action RPG looter recently left Steam Early Access after years in development, though user reviews are mixed following server issues.

After launching out of Steam Early Access, Eleventh Hour Games’ Last Epoch has achieved an impressive milestone. It peaked at 234,500 concurrent players recently, besting its previous record of 40,591 from March 2023, but that’s not all. The action RPG looter has achieved a higher peak on the platform than Path of Exile (211,637) and Diablo 4 (28,836).

Available in early access since April 2019, Last Epoch sees players on a journey to gather the pieces of the titular artifact to prevent a catastrophe. There are five default classes, but as you progress, each with three associated Masteries completely changes your playstyle. Each skill also has a dedicated skill tree to level up.

Despite the player count, Last Epoch’s Steam user reviews have dropped to “Mixed”, with only 62 percent being positive. It’s due to server issues preventing players from logging in or taking extensive time to travel to the next zone. An offline mode is available, and while you can’t trade, the Circle of Fortune, which buffs loot drop rates, is available.