The Plucky Squire Showcases Unique Puzzle Solving Gameplay in New Trailer

Check out some new puzzle-solving hack-and-slash gameplay from upcoming action-adventure title The Plucky Squire.

Developer All Possible Futures has released a new trailer for upcoming action-adventure game The Plucky Squire. The trailer showcases the upcoming title’s Mine Puzzle, showcasing examples of not only combat, but also puzzle-solving. Check it out below.

The trailer gives a narrated overview of The Plucky Squire‘s core gameplay, which involves entering and exiting story books, melding 3D and 2D gameplay together. While exploring the mine, protagonist Jot has to solve a variety of puzzles, some of which even involve turning pages of the book he’s currently in to find a different entrance.

The action-adventure title got another gameplay trailer back in May 2023. The trailer showcased a bunch of different things about The Plucky Squire, including protagonist Jot, as well as childhood friend Violet and easygoing mountain troll Thrash, among other characters.

The Plucky Squire was originally announced back in June 2022. It will be coming to PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. Originally set for release in 2023, the game has since been delayed to some time in 2024.