Pentiment Confirmed for Nintendo Switch, Launches February 22nd

The 16th-century side-scrolling adventure RPG from Josh Sawyer of Pillars of Eternity fame is finally coming to other platforms.

After many rumors, Obsidian Entertainment’s Pentiment is confirmed for Nintendo Switch, joining the likes of Grounded. Announced during the recent Nintendo Direct: Partner Showcase, it’s out on February 22nd for the platform. Check it out below.

Unlike The Outer Worlds and the upcoming Avowed, Pentiment is a 2D side-scrolling adventure RPG. It sees players controlling artist Andreas Maler in 16th Century Upper Bavaria as he becomes entangled in various murders. Collecting evidence and testimonies is key, as you investigate the townsfolk and eventually narrow down who the killer is.

Depending on the decisions made and even the skills chosen for Andreas, each mystery can play out differently. Pentiment plays out over 25 years, with various conspiracies and historical events also occurring. It also features an unorthodox art style in keeping with the aesthetic at the time.

Pentiment is also available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC – check out our review. A PS5 version was also rumored, so stay tuned for more updates.