Jet Set Radio is Getting a Remake, Reboot Similar in Gameplay to Fortnite – Rumor

Sega reportedly plans to add shooting elements to the reboot, though it will also have graffiti tagging and a new story.

While the next Crazy Taxi is getting the triple-A treatment, with rumors indicating a live service approach, Jet Set Radio reportedly isn’t far behind. Reliable leaker Midori revealed that Sega’s current “super game plan” is inspired by Fortnite and Grand Theft Auto Online. However, the upcoming Jet Set Radio reboot will seemingly be closer in gameplay to Epic Games’ online shooter than Crazy Taxi.

Shooting elements are reportedly “planned”, but the classic graffiti-tagging gameplay is intact. It’s an open-world title, as confirmed by Sega previously, and focuses on exploration with a new story and characters. Like Crazy Taxi, there are plans for remaking the first Jet Set Radio before the live service reboot launches.

Sega hasn’t officially announced the same nor indicated when these titles could launch. Rumors claim that Jet Set Radio’s reboot will arrive in 2026, followed by Crazy Taxi in 2027, and both are bound for the Nintendo Switch 2.