Multiple Resident Evil Titles Were Greenlit Last Year, Including “Some Remakes” – Rumour

That’s as per prominent leaker Dusk Golem, who recently claimed that five Resident Evil games were in development at Capcom.

Given the widespread critical and commercial success that Capcom has enjoyed with its Resident Evil games in recent years in particular, it’s sort of a given that the company is going to have plenty more of that in store. And though Capcom has yet to officially announced any new Resident Evil games, leaks are unsurprisingly claiming that there are several of them in the works.

Prominent leaker Dusk Golem recently claimed that Capcom currently has as many as five Resident Evil games in varying stages of development, and has now followed up on that with some more potential details. In a Discord message (shared by a user on Reddit), the leaker claimed that “multiple” Resident Evil titles were greenlit by Capcom last year, and that “some” of them are remakes.

Presumably, one of the new Resident Evil games in the works is Resident Evil 9, which, according to leaks, will be announced this year and released next year. But with the game allegedly having been in the works since as far back as 2018, that’s obviously not one of the newly greenlit ones. Specifically where remakes are concerned, it seems safe to assume that Resident Evil 5 is going to be remade- but can we expect others – like, for instance, Code – Veronica – to follow suit?

Capcom has said that it intends to keep developing Resident Evil remakes, so those who’ve been hoping for modernized versions of classic instalments certainly have some hope to cling on to.