Nintendo Switch 2 Will Feature Digital and Physical Backward Compatibility – Rumour

Developers will also be able to apply technical improvements to existing titles in the Nintendo Switch’s library, it’s been claimed.

Over recent months, there have been plenty of rumours regarding Nintendo’s next-gen console, and though plenty of potential details on its specs and hardware have leaked, one thing that there hasn’t quite been enough clarity on is whether the console will support backward compatibility with the Nintendo Switch’s library.

A report has now emerged that backward compatibility will indeed be supported. As caught by Brazilian outlet Universo Nintendo, speaking on the O X do Controle podcast, content creator PH Brazil – who is said to have a consistent track record with Nintendo-related leaks – claimed that not only will the Switch 2 feature both digital and physical backward compatibility with its predecessor, it will also allow developers to apply technical enhancements to existing games in the Switch’s library when being played on the next-gen console.

Interestingly, prominent insider NateTheHate has at least partially corroborated some of the details here, saying on ResetEra that testing for the Switch 2’s backward compatibility features is underway, and that the feature is available to partner developers. Whether the console will indeed allow the aforementioned enhancements, however, remains to be seen.

The Nintendo Switch’s successor is expected to launch sometime this year (potentially in the second half), and will allegedly be announced next month.