Palworld Player’s Entire Base Wiped Out By Roaming Boss

Be careful where you build your bases in Palworld.


  •  Palworld is a popular open-world monster-raising game that has set record numbers since its launch on Xbox Series X|S and PC.
  •  When setting up a base in Palworld, it is crucial to choose the location wisely due to the presence of various boss monsters.
  •  Some players have shared helpful tips on how to get rid of a powerful boss that wanders into your base and won’t leave.

Palworld is still taking the gaming world by storm. The open-world moster-raising game has already set record numbers just a little over two weeks since its Early Access launch on Xbox Series X|S and PC, and players are as enthralled with its menagerie of Pals as they are with its base-building mechanics, which let you set up strongholds that are worked on and operated by your little friends.

However, it’s important when setting up a base that you choose your location wisely. Palworld hosts a variety of different boss monsters. Some will be found in specific instance locations that you warp to via specific points on the map, while others can be found free-roaming along predetermined paths.

PalWorld Big Pal With Machine Gun

Palworld isn’t the first Pokemon clone ever made, but it is the most popular.

According to Reddit user Upstairs_Poem8481, the level 38 “King of the Forest” Mammorest wandered into their base and killed all the pals working there, and then just refused to leave. Screen captures uploaded with the post also show Mammorest having climbed on top of the player’s custom-build wooden house.

Palworld Boss Mammorest on player's house 1
Palworld Boss Mammorest on player's house 2

From the player’s clothing and the insignificant amount of life bar that’s been chipped away from the roaming boss, it’s safe to assume that the character the player is running is not of a particularly high level and that the base had not been set up there for long. Still, losing an entire base worth of pals and not being able to access any of your facilities has got to be a highly stressful experience in the game.

How To Get Rid Of A Roaming Boss That Won’t Leave

Some players were able to offer helpful advice for getting rid of the beast. Specifically, they suggested building campfires all around it. The fires will chip away at the boss’ health bar gradually and won’t even draw its aggression, as the massive pal` technically isn’t under attack. Campfires become accessible at player level 2 and cost only one technology point to unlock and ten wood to build, so this seems like a handy tip for even the earliest of playthroughs.

He will always comes here, so I just had to build walls with a big entrance I can close, and let little holes for my pals.

Another Reddit user, underinedValue, also reported having inadvertently having built their base in this particular Mammorest’s path. Making lemons out of lemonade, they simply built a second base elsewhere, transferred all their good from the first base to the second, “and turned the first base into an arena to kill Mammorest. He will always comes here, so I just had to build walls with a big entrance I can close, and let little holes for my pals. Once he’s blocked inside, all my pals shoot at him when he’s annoyed to fight back.”

This seems like a solid strategy for gearing up later in the game, as the boss monster will drop both the coveted Ancient Civilization Parts as well as oil, which is an important resource to have access to once you’ve unlocked the ability to use guns.