Forza Motorsport – Nordschleife Arrives in February With Update 5

The update also provides numerous fixes and improvements, including an option to Skip Practice in Career Mode’s pre-race menu.

Turn 10 Studios has confirmed in the latest Forza Monthly that Nordschleife will be coming to Forza Motorsport in February. The 20.83-kilometre-long track is part of Update 5, which includes numerous fixes and improvements for the game.

There will be fixes for issues like the game becoming unresponsive when returning to Open Practice in Featured Multiplayer after resuming from a suspended state or crashing after skipping Practice when exiting and re-entering an event. Players can also Skip Practice from the pre-race menu in Career Mode.

You can also save after finishing Practice, thus being able to return later to a series. There will also be more details for projected finishes in Challenge the Grid, while the Featured Multiplayer events for Hockenheim will have the correct lap count instead of just three laps.

Forza Motorsport Update 5 Game Fixes Preview


Fixed an issue where the game enters an unresponsive state when returning to Open Practice in Featured Multiplayer from a suspended state. [1612807]
Fixed a crash that could occur after selecting “Skip Practice,” exiting the race and re-entering the event. [1657219]
Fixed a crash that could occur when entering Forzavista. [1671290]
Fixed a game crash that could occur when opening a race replay. [1672588]
Photo Mode and Replays

Fixed an issue in Photo Mode on PC where non-16:9 resolutions include letterboxing in saved photos. [1671404]
Fixed an issue when searching Replays or Photo Galleries by Track or Track Layout would return no results. [1604588]

Skipping Completed Practice: Players are now presented with the option to Skip Practice in the Career mode pre-race menu. Furthermore, if the player previously completed Practice, the game creates a save point and gives the player additional options when returning to a series for replaying or skipping complete practice. [1635662]
Fixed an issue in Private Multiplayer where someone driving the wrong way wasn’t correctly ghosted and could collide with other players. [1613125]
Fixed an issue in Free Play where car model names are missing from the drivers list. [1660255]
Additional information has been added for projected finishes in the Challenge the Grid screen. [1673345]
Fixed an issue in Builders Cup where the series standing list is missing the names of AI drivers. [1668229]
Fixed an issue in Featured Multiplayer where players could encounter an infinite loading screen when attempting to change their Fuel and Tire setup at Grid Preview. [1611726]
Fixed an issue where Featured Multiplayer events at Hockenheim had only 3 laps instead of the intended lap count. [1691754]
Fixed an issue in Builders Cup where the Skip Practice option loads the incorrect time-of-day for the track intro cinematic. [1674381]
Fixed an issue in Free Play Quick Events where the “Number of Laps” returns to the track layout default when going to Event Setup in the pre-race menu. [1629341]
Introduced a first-time pop up to the Buy Cars menu that explains the Featured Tab. [1635604]
Fixed an issue in the Showroom where cars have a checkmark despite not being properly selected. [1602611]
Fixed an issue where the “Do You Like This Design?” and “Do You Like This Tune?” post-race prompts are not appearing. [1604582]
In the Fuel and Tires setup menu, added descriptions for non-race tires that explain their all-weather capability. [1607316]
Fixed an issue in Featured Multiplayer Forza GT Spec Series where multiple classes are displayed when filtering by class. [1607337]
Fixed an issue where Load/Save Event Setup options appear in Free Play Advanced while offline. [1446888]
Time of Day and Weather will no longer always be randomized for the “Next Event” after a Free Play race. Your settings will be remembered. [1598884]
Fixed an issue where audio sounds were played twice when pressing and releasing the “A” button on controller in the post-race podium finish sequence. [1555390]
Fixed an issue in Free Play where the post-race information on the next race screen is inaccurate when weather is set to Variable. [1569880]
Fixed an issue where the “Seeing Stars” blue and teal Driver Suits are mixed up in the Driver Customization menu. [1603140]
Added an explanation to the Fuel and Tires menu that clarifies why tires cannot be changed while using a rental car. [1612374]
Fixed an issue in Forzavista where the car model remains “exploded” after accepting a Multiplayer invite. [1646951]
Adjusted the post-race rewards flow to ensure credits earned are displayed before a new Driver Suit unlock. [1651459]
Fixed an issue in Builders Cup where players cannot use Rewind after AI Drivatars have completed the race. [1269413]
Fixed an issue where Rewind is disabled for the first 30 seconds of a Free Play Solo race and in Builders Cup during Open Practice and the Featured Race. [1577801]
Livery Editor

Players are now prompted to save their livery if they attempt to exit the Livery Editor without saving. [1437864]
Fixed an issue where the “Color Fine Tune” button hint doesn’t appear until player moves off then back on to a color option. [1441863]
Fixed an issue when exiting a search in “Find Designs” exits the design section of the Livery Editor. [1490136]
Fixed an issue where upgraded calipers are unable to be painted. [1555302]
2004 Maserati MC12: Fixed an issue where the manufacturer livery partially disappears when paint and decals are applied to the vehicle. [1557639]
Fixed an issue where Vinyl Group sizes can become negative, leaving it difficult or even impossible to get them back to positive values. [1603790]
Fixed an issue where shared Vinyls created and used by the same author on a Car Livery will lock sharing on the livery. [1608207]
Fixed an issue on PC where zooming in with the mouse wheel scrolls the decal layers as well. [1612231]
Added custom advanced zoom to the Livery Editor when applying decals to a car. [1621135]
Fixed an issue where the Paint Wing option would be still accessible when the wing is removed from the car. [1556604]
2018 Acura #36 NSX GT3: Fixed an issue where the car’s shadow would “pop-in” at certain camera angles in the Paint Car menu. [1452096]
Fixed an issue in Apply Decals > Vinyl Group where Curated Groups do not populate if selected too quickly. [1631003]
Fixed an issue in Apply Decals > Vinyl Group where layers display incorrectly. [1536758]
Fixed an issue in the decal selector where letters and symbols are incorrectly rearranged in the tab Lower Letters 5. [1570323]

Numerous under-the-hood improvements to reduce CPU spikes and better utilize the GPU, helping to improve framerate consistency while driving. [1536749, 1651623]
Fixed numerous crash scenarios caused by multi-threaded rendering. [1624448, 1659051]
Fixed being unable to use full screen mode when using a PC with an integrated GPU. [1603057]
Fixed erratic framerate after reverting a video settings change. [1577163]
Improved Mouse navigation by allowing RMB to behave like esc + B to navigate back through menus. [1486418]
Fixed an issue on PC where players would see no performance boost when switching from a high-quality mode to low quality. [1648332]
Fixed an issue where objects were missing from car reflections in Photo Mode and Forzavista [1670932]
Added a check for GPU support of D3D12 Enhanced Barrier feature to application startup. Error code AP205 corresponds to detected lack of support. Client will attempt to find a device which has required features and will report a “failed to create graphics device” modal if none are found. [1684419]

Fixed an issue causing custom wheel input layouts to reset to their default settings after relaunching the game with both a controller and steering wheel connected. [1593360]
Fixed an issue that caused the first shift LED light on the Logitech G923 to be illuminated when the car is idling. [1653804]
Fixed an issue where the shift lights don’t blink on Logitech steering wheels when the car exceeds redline. [1653801]

Improved screen space reflections to handle quick dynamic resolution changes. [1670567]