Phantom Abyss Exits Early Access, Out Now on Xbox Series X/S and PC

Adventure Mode now provides a choice of temples to run through, while Abyss Mode replaces Classic, and the whip sees various changes.

Team WIBY’s Phantom Abyss has left early access with Version 1.0 available now on Xbox Series X/S and PC. A new trailer is available, showcasing all the terrible hazards players can expect in the asynchronous multiplayer title. Check it out below.

As an explorer with a trusty whip, players race through procedurally generated temples in Phantom Abyss, discovering relics and other treasures while avoiding traps. The catch is that you only get one attempt at a temple. If you die, it’s gone for good. Fortunately, the phantoms of other players can be seen and offer some guidance on what to do.

Version 1.0 changes Adventure Mode, providing a choice of temples with a fixed whip, relic and challenges. Classic Mode is now Abyss Mode, with players attempting to clear all four areas to reach the end. However, you’re on the timer since only one player is allowed to complete it. If that weren’t enough, the whip has also changed and won’t carry curses. There are also various skins available to unlock via challenges.