Ghostrunner 2 Celebrates Lunar New Year With Updated Roguelike Mode, Dragon Pack DLC Release on February 8

Ghostrunner 2 is also getting Chinese VO in the same update alongside an expansion to its Roguerunner.exe mode.

Developer One More Level is celebrating the Lunar New Year with an update coming to Ghostrunner 2. The update, set for release on February 8, will bring Chinese VO to the game, along with a host of new content for the title’s Roguerunner.exe mode.

New gameplay content in the roguelite mode for Ghostrunner 2 includes new levels that make more use of the wingsuit, as well as more vicious enemy encounters and parkour segments that will require players to get better at the game before taking on the new challenges.

Coinciding with the update is the release of the latest set of cosmetics for Ghostrunner 2 with the new Dragon Pack. The new DLC features three new sword skins, three hand skins, and a brand new motorcycle skin. The Dragon Pack is priced at £3.99 individually, and is a part of the Season Pass or Ghostrunner 2‘s Brutal Edition.

Ghostrunner 2 was released back in October 2023, and has since been quite successful for the studio as well as publisher 505 Games. The game had crossed $6 million in revenue back in November, having recouped its production budget. The game is available on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.